Community Involvement

Ballarat Acclimatisation Society volunteer members, conduct tours on a as required basis by Community groups, and visitors to Ballarat, the tour starts with a 10 min video covering the netting of fish, a tour of the buildings with a look at the different stages of the growing cycle of Trout, finished with an external tour of the ponds and adult fish.

Individual Ballarat hatchery members are also involved with Fish Care Victoria, a community based not-for-profit organisation promoting responsible and sustainable attitudes and practices amongst recreational anglers and the wider community. Fish care provides a service travelling to schools, educating children on fish and recreational fishing. Fish care holds a fishing day for children in the September school holidays, passing on vital information for fun, safe and ethical recreational fishing.

Why should I volunteer? –There are many ways that people of all ages and walks of life can become associated with the hatchery, a large number of the population catch and eat fish, but the lesser known part of aquaculture is the netting of brood fish, stripping eggs, incubation and rearing of young fish, this is the beginning of the life cycle, an amazing part of aquaculture that not many people get a chance to become involved with.

Membership – The Society is opened to all persons over the age of 16. Prospective members under take a 3 month trial, on completion of the trial prospective members can decide whether to join on not. Members have interaction during sales days or working bees,  through a variety of avenues from grading and bagging fish, under taking gardening in our onsite gardens, general maintenance on pond nets and filter’s, or friendly discussions over a tea/coffee in our meeting room/library. There is a variety of activities for all fitness levels.

Tours/sightseeing– For organised group tours Ph 0419156474, email  or drop in any Saturday 9:00 – 12:00

Official Open Days-Begonia Festival – The Hatchery is opened  between the hours 0f 10am-4pm, and run short 20 min tours.