Becoming a Member / Volunteer

Interested in becoming a Member / Volunteer at The Ballarat Fish Hatchery.

Ballarat Fish Acclimatisation Society welcomes all members of the community to become volunteers at the fish hatchery.  It is the Society’s responsibility to ensure that all people that wish to join are aware of the process to become a volunteer.

New applicants undergo a 3 month trial in which there is a 2 way evaluation to see if the hatchery is a suitable volunteer outlet for them, during this period prospective members should involve themselves in the daily work routine of the hatchery on either Saturdays 8:30 – 12:00 (our main sales day) of Thursday 8:30 – 12:00 (our weekly working bee), some work involves feeding fish, cleaning pond screens, grading fish, lawn mowing, light general maintenance and cleaning of the 147 year old heritage listed building, and learning how to best maintain the health of the fish.

At the completion of the 3 month trial and the applicant wishes to join the Society their name is put forward to the general members as a prospective new member, if accepted he is inducted at the next Society General meeting and is doubled up with a current member, for training and feeding/cleaning duties.

Once inducted all members are to read the Constitution, support the purposes of the Society, and agree to comply by the rules.

Interested persons should contact the Hatchery via email for further correspondence and Information.